Corporate Profile

ACA Howe International Limited is part of the CSA Global group and was acquired in August 2016. It originally commenced its operations as a geological and mining consultancy service in Canada in 1960.  ACA Howe is supported with a team of international consultants across Australia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia and the Vancouver office in Canada.

In addition to our full-time technical and support staff, some of whom have been with the group for many years and provide invaluable project continuity, we also have a number of long-standing Associates who provide assistance and particular expertise on specific projects on a regular basis. Visit our personnel section to view our teams in more detail.

ACA Howe has provided expertise on more than 1500 projects for the minerals industry at many levels of development, ranging from area selection and grass roots exploration for mining companies to reserve audits and feasibility studies for financial institutions. There have been many developments in the minerals industry during the course of this extensive work, both in the geological understanding of mineral deposits and in the tools at our disposal, and ACA Howe personnel keep up to date in these for optimum and cost-effective application to our clients’ projects.