Developing economies with large populations, such as China, will continue to support demand for coal in future years. In the industrialised countries coal demand for power generation will not be significantly reduced by competition from renewable energy. Optimism about clean coal utilisation technology and carbon dioxide sequestration and the real cost of nuclear power will lead governments to continue to build coal-fired power stations. Underground coal gasification technology may become economic.

coal mine
Coal mine – click on image to enlarge

Despite current economic uncertainties, the vast underground and near-surface worldwide coal resources must continue to be a major energy source into the future.

ACA Howe’s experience of all stages of the extractive coal industry in many parts of the world enable us to design and manage exploration projects, estimate resources and reserves and service our clients’ needs as the following examples demonstrate.

Recent Projects

Since the early 1980’s, ACA Howe International Ltd has worked on numerous projects for several clients on open pit and underground coal and CBM projects and has been involved in geology, exploration, resource and reserve estimation, feasibility studies and mine planning in a number of UK coal-fields and in Australia, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Venezuela:

  • Geological mapping and reserve estimation at a variety of stripping ratios on the extensions to an open cast mine in Venezuela
  • Technical advice at a large underground privatised mine in Scotland
  • Geological assessment and reserve estimation at numerous small open cast and underground mines in the UK
  • Stratigraphic and structural studies of large basins in Scotland for CBM potential and well targeting and geological supervision of the resulting drilling programme

For many more examples please visit our Project Location Map.