Coal Bed Methane (CBM)

Natural gas may be produced from wells in deep coal seams by pumping out water to reduce formation pressure. In the early 1990s in the USA there were about 6,000 coal bed methane (CBM) wells producing over a billion cubic feet per day, and CBM reserves represent a significant proportion of total onshore gas. The technology is now disseminated worldwide.

Recent Projects

ACA Howe International have been involved in coal bed methane projects since the early 1980’s in Indonesia, Venezuela, Australia, Poland and the UK. We were closely involved with all aspects of the first technically successful coal bed methane project in Scotland and possibly the UK, from 1990 through to the drilling, stimulation and production from the first well in 1993 and subsequently at times until 2007. Project examples include:

  • The first successful completion of an air-foam flush hydrocarbon well in the UK
  • Interpretation of results from the first well to estimate gas in place, and for the design of nitrogen foam-sand and water-sand hydraulic fracture stimulations
  • Successful water-sand hydraulic fracture stimulation
  • In-seam horizontal drilling for development of coal bed methane reservoirs
  • Familiarisation with the developing industry in the USA through visits to drilling, stimulation and production operations and conferences, courses and meetings in Alabama, Wyoming, Colorado and Nova Scotia

For more examples please visit our Project Location Map.