Base Metals

Base metals continue to be the mainstay of the extractive minerals industry and an important sector of the exploration business. ACA Howe staff have extensive experience of all phases of the exploration, development and evaluation of metallic mineral deposits in many different geographic locations and geological environments, as illustrated on our project location map. Some examples are shown below:

Base metals: Copper mineral malachite
Copper mineral malachite – click on image to enlarge

Copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt

  • Due diligence geological review and ore reserve estimation of operating base metal mines in Bulgaria
  • Feasibility study of copper project and due diligence on base metal replacement deposits and copper porphyry systems in Romania
  • Advice to Government on exploration methodology for base metals in Ethiopia


  • Investigation of lateritic nickel deposits in Burundi
  • Investigation of sulphidic nickel deposits in Australia


  • Independent geological assessment and reserve audit of two operating tin mines in England
  • Due diligence study of an operating tin mine in Tasmania

Iron ore

  • Multidisciplinary due diligence study of some inactive iron ore mines in Sweden


  • Geological exploration and resource estimation at an operating metallurgical grade chromite mine in Iran


  • Geological review and resource estimation of mineral sands deposits in marine Cretaceous palaeo-placers in Russia
  • Resource assessments of alluvial deposits and tailings with ilmenite and rutile in Sierra Leone

Polymetallic deposits

  • Mine valuation and reserve audits of several polymetallic orebodies in Canada

Strategic metals

  • Exploration programme for strategic minerals in Europe
  • Exploration programme for strategic metals throughout UK