Alluvial and Placer Deposits

Alluvial and placer mineral deposits present a unique range of problems to the exploration geologist and mining engineer, and specific expertise is required for their successful exploration, evaluation and development.

ACA Howe has been involved in a wide range of alluvial and placer projects for gold, diamonds and other heavy minerals in many parts of the world with widely differing climatic and geomorphological conditions, including present-day river systems, palaeochannels, terrace deposits, deep leads and beach sands.

Our depth of experience in the evaluation of alluvial deposits enables ACA Howe technical staff to design and implement the most cost-effective exploration programme to suit the requirements of the client whilst ensuring that the deposit under review is subjected to rigorous examination. Some of the more significant projects include:

  • Australia: Geophysical surveys over volcanic-covered deep tin leads in Tasmania and New South Wales. Pitting and sampling of beach sands in Western Australia
  • Bolivia: Mapping, bulk sampling and reserve estimation of a deeply dissected fluvio-glacial gold deposit
  • Brazil: Evaluation of operating alluvial diamond deposits
  • Central African Republic: Mapping, pitting and bulk sampling of terrace alluvials for diamonds
  • Ghana: Field evaluation of alluvial gold and diamond deposits
  • Guinea: Geophysical exploration, Resource estimation and economic analysis of operating diamond mine. Investigation of alluvial gold deposit. Advising local company on exploration methodology for alluvial diamonds
  • Indonesia: Identification, Banka drilling, pitting and reserve estimation of a number of alluvial gold deposits in Kalimantan, including one deposit brought to production and another at feasibility study stage
  • Madagascar: Field visits, compilation, analysis and reporting of resource potential and exploration targets of an alluvial sapphire licence portfolio in southern Madagascar.
  • Malaysia: Evaluation of an operating alluvial gold mine
  • Russia: Geological review and resource estimation of mineral sands deposits in marine Cretaceous palaeo-placers near Tambov. Geological review and resource estimation of alluvial gold on Bolshevik Island, Central Arctic
  • Sierra Leone: Field assessment of a number of alluvial gold and diamond deposits and resource assessments of alluvial deposits and tailings with ilmenite and rutile
  • Scotland: Testing of working sand and gravel quarries for gold content
  • South Africa: Production supervision of an alluvial diamond deposit. Stock market listing report for an alluvial diamond project
  • USA: Mapping, sampling and reserve estimation of an auriferous Tertiary channel in California

More projects can be found on our interactive project location map.