ACA Howe International

ACA Howe are international geological and mining consultants that provide consultancy, management and contracting services to the global mining industry. We provide trusted
multi-discipline technical and expert services, training and independent corporate advice
to public and private mining companies and to financial and legal groups.

Our team of geologists, engineers, mining consultants and data specialists are some of the most experienced and sought after professionals across the mining industry and have been providing consulting and commercial services to our clients across all mineral commodities and regions for more than 50 years world-wide.

ACA Howe has operated from Toronto since it was incorporated in 1960 and has worked on more than 1500 projects globally.  In August 2016, the Canadian business was acquired by international consulting firm CSA Global.  ACA Howe will gradually be integrated into CSA Global’s existing Canadian business in Vancouver and across its international operations to broaden the Company’s service offering in the Americas and globally.

The combining of the businesses creates a group with more than 80 years of consulting practice, an extensive project portfolio involving several thousand mineral assets globally, and a larger pool of talented mining industry professionals with broad skills and extensive experience.  To connect with one or more of our talented professionals visit our personnel page or contact us, at one of our many locations.